Welcome to The Wander and Wonder Podcast!

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

I am extremely happy to share with you our newest project: The Wander and Wonder Podcast.

The Wander and Wonder Podcast is where we wander around the world wondering about wander and then we wonder some more and talk about it.

Incredible people have collaborated to make this possible and we couldn't be more grateful and excited. I hope you enjoy this little new adventure we are embarking on, as much as we are; and please feel free to contact us and share with us your ideas and thoughts, experiences and wanders.

We want to create a place where people from all over the globe can break the boundaries of travel clichés, to promote a thoughtful travel industry, and to connect with people with other viewpoints. Share, connect and reflect with me. You can get in touch through our Instagram Page or Facebook Page.

You can help us out making this project sustainable by subscribing to the podcast on your favourite podcast player.

Wander and Wonder with us.

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About your host: That Wander Chic real name is Ana. Born in Mexico and now living in Australia, That Wander Chic has research tourism throughout her academic career, learn more about her here.

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