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Travel plans cancelled. Covid-19 strikes the travel industry

It's funny to start the season with a topic like this. To tell you the truth, as I write, I don't know how to start! Should I start with history? Mention all the conspiratory theories of how it all started? Should I talk about the recent news? No. Everyone must know as much as I do, with the exception of a few that seem to think this is all an invention… But as travel plans have been cancelled until 2021 (hopefully only until 2021), we travellers ask ourselves when will we be able to catch another flight.

Some had to cancel and postpone travel plans until further notice, others were on a trip while everything went down. Where were you? Did you get stuck in a foreign country when countries started to ban travel, when airlines started to cancel flights, when beaches started to close, and all events canceled?

The Coronavirus epidemic is unprecedented to me, even though I remember when Mexico had the swine flu. This supersedes that one. And even if I had to cancel travel plans, at least I get to see earth taking  a breather from all of us. Animals enjoying the human absence and greenhouse emissions dropping to meet the world's target for 2030, will we meet those targets due to the Covid-19? 

But what for those like me that are always planning their next adventure? The itch to travel never ceases.

For the first episode of the second season of The Wander and Wonder Podcast, my guest Heather and I, will be discussing how the travel industry has been struck by this epidemic and how the industry reacted to this situation.  Heather shares with us her experience on the agent side of things on how the process has been for the travel agents and tour operators, as well as individual travellers. 

Click here to listen to the episode!

For further information check out WHO recommendations for international traffic in relation to COVID-19 outbreak.

About our guest

Heather Poppelier has had wanderlust ever since her first solo overseas journey in 1999. Since that time, she’s travelled across all seven continents…but her number one love remains Latin America. That love led her to pursue travel as a career and she has worked as a Latin America Travel Specialist since 2007. While acknowledging that tourism has its problems, she strongly believes that it also affords a unique opportunity for learning, development and an exchange of cultures, ideas and attitudes and can be an incredibly positive experience both for locals and travellers alike.

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