What will tourism it look like after Covid19?

Will the industry survive? Will we be able to travel again, soon?

In the previous episodes of The Wander and Wonder Podcast I interviewed Heather Poppelier, a Melbourne-based travel agent, to discuss the impacts of Coronavirus on the industry when it began. From how the agents handled the cancellations and delays, or even stuck travellers overseas, to what can we do as travellers to help the industry once we can. This interview gives us an idea of how can the travel world survive after all of this is over.

Academics are wondering the same, on this Facebook Live, they discuss how the industry be resilient, what will change and what will adapt. Is the pandemic giving us a chance to be more solitary or are we going to be more greedy as human beings? Will this time to think -at home- give us some insights on how to travel more responsibly?

One of the thing I really loved about that conference is, as Marina Novelli states, it might eb time for the industry to "loose some weight" and make the sector healthier.

What will tourism look like after this? What will be the "good tourism?"

Professor Dimitrios explain that we will need to re-focus, re-ignite, re-design and re-engeneer the sector, but while we get used to the new normal, it might be time to re-think what willl be your behaviour as a tourist or traveller.

Finally, some main point of the discussion with Heather:

  • Support your local travel agent: that way your money will not only reach the destination, but will reignite your local economy. 

  • Travel agents can redirect your money to a more sustainable choice, ask them to help you choose a hotel or destination that has cultural experiences to learn more about the country you are visiting and that could support a local project.

  • Travel insurance: do your homework! choose the one that covers the best!

  • If you can travel overseas, start by travelling locally, help out your domestic economy by spending money on local and regional destinations!

  • Reflect on what kind of tourist you want to be on your next trip.

Listen to the last leg of the interview with Heather:

Click here to listen to this episode!


Facebook live with Professor Dimitrios Buhalis:


UNWTO (2020) International tourist numbers could fall 60-80% in 2020, UNWTO reports. https://www.unwto.org/news/covid-19-international-tourist-numbers-could-fall-60-80-in-2020

UNWTO (2020) 100% of global destinations now have Covid19 travel restrictions, UNWTO reports. https://www.unwto.org/news/covid-19-travel-restrictions


About our guest:

Heather Poppelier has had wanderlust ever since her first solo overseas journey in 1999. Since that time, she’s travelled across all seven continents…but her number one love remains Latin America. That love led her to pursue travel as a career and she has worked as a Latin America Travel Specialist since 2007. While acknowledging that tourism has its problems, she strongly believes that it also affords a unique opportunity for learning, development and an exchange of cultures, ideas and attitudes and can be an incredibly positive experience both for locals and travellers alike.

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